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Get on board and establish your skills in one of the hottest areas of technology in 2020!

“In this year’s report, artificial intelligence and data science roles continue to proliferate across nearly every industry”
LinkedIn’s U.S. 2020 Emerging Jobs Report

The ability to work with data and the systems that store it is a fundamental skill for people at all levels and will remain one for many years to come. Even a basic understanding of database technology and SQL can be a the gateway to increased productivity, a higher salary and better job prospects!

Understanding MySQL and MariaDB is an upcoming book that will guide you in learning about two of the most popular database software titles in the world today. MySQL is the #1 database for powering websites, supporting design software including WordPress and Joomla. MariaDB is gaining popularity as the open source replacement for MySQL.

Understanding MySQL and MariaDB will benefit from the input received from readers of my previous book, MySQL Explained. It will also reference a collection of continually updated online resources to help you in your learning. More than just a textbook, it’s your step-by-step guide to mastery of database concepts, regardless of your experience.

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This is the official book page for Understanding MySQL and MariaDB. You can check back here for anticipated release dates and other information. After the book’s release, this page will include support links to supplemental files and more resources as they’re developed.

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