Splitting a Database in Microsoft Access

My latest video shows how to split a database in Microsoft Access to separate the data from the user interface and programming elements.

Access can link to data from different file formats including Excel, text files and other Access databases. For multi-user applications, you can have an Access file with just the forms, reports, queries and other user interface elements that links to the data in other files. This is called the “front-end” because it’s the user-facing part of the application. The data files are the “back-end”.

This separates the UI and programming from the data so that you can store the data on a network server and then each user can have their own copy of the front-end that links back to the same data. That way, you don’t have dozens of users trying to open the same front-end file which reduces demand on your program. It also means that you can make changes to to UI design in the front-end and distribute that new file to the users without overwriting their data which is in a separate file anyway.

Also, if you prefer articles over videos, check out my previous 2016 article on splitting an Access database for a full explanation of the process.

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