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Importing Meta Descriptions to Yoast SEO

In a recent post, I talked about using the WordPress plugin Add Meta Tags for adding meta descriptions and titles to posts and pages within my WordPress sites. It’s a simple SEO tool but works well. Nevertheless, I decided to switch my sites over to Yoast SEO for all its extra features and guidance in constructing pages. I was anticipating quite a job as this blog alone has almost 100 posts and all of those descriptions needed to be transferred from the fields created by the old plugin to Yoast’s fields. Yoast does have some import tools of its own but they didn’t include the one I’d been using and my experience with a third-party converter had not been good so I was glad to find that I could do it so simply with one query in phpMyAdmin.

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5 Great WordPress Plugins for Your Site

One of the great things about WordPress is the thousands of plugins available. With a little bit of research and just a few clicks, you can quickly add almost any kind of functionality to your site from SEO features to full eCommerce packages. Since I manage multiple sites of my own and more for clients, I’ve had the opportunity to review a number of WordPress plugins and thought I’d list some of my favorites here.

You can find any of these plugins by searching for the name I’ve provided through your own WordPress site. I’ve reviewed the free versions here and included the names of the authors and their sites for reference.

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Reboot …

If you’ve been to Drewslair.com before, you’ll notice some changes this time around. After more than a dozen years of managing the site with manual tools, I’ve finally decided to got to a content management system (CMS), specifically WordPress. In the last year, I’ve put my design energies into a new website at AndrewComeau.com and hadn’t done much with this site. When I looked at it again a few weeks ago, I realized that it no longer met the standard that I wanted associated with my name so it was time for a redesign.

This blog has been present on the site for a few years under another address and I decided to move it over to serve as the primary site.  I found out in the process how easy it is to move a WordPress blog from one subdomain to another and that was a nice bonus.

A couple of the old articles from Drewslair.com remain but, to be honest, much of the Microsoft Access content was obsolete and other things have been moved to AndrewComeau.com so what you see here now is pretty much what there is. I’ve had the idea to start blogging about some of the many software and online resources that I’ve found over the last couple years and as I find time around a new full-time job that I’ve taken, honing my skills with PHP and MySQL and maybe doing some more work on a new book project, I’ll be doing that here.