Upcoming Book – Self-Guided SQL with SQLite

You’ve heard the old saying – Practice makes perfect.

Well, perfection may be hard to reach but when learning a new skill, there’s just no substitute for getting in there and using it. It doesn’t matter if it’s a language, an instrument or fixing your car; hands-on practice is what really builds proficiency. Just reading about it won’t get you there.

Self-Guided SQL:  A new book from Comeau Software Solutions, coming out in 2024.
Coming later in 2024.

My newest book, “Self-Guided SQL: Build Your SQL Skills with SQLite”, is designed to help you do just that. Unlike many tutorials, practice comes first and theory is there to support it. Every lesson in the book is focused around actions that you will perform to actually use SQL and the SQLite database management software. Then there’s just enough explanation to help you understand what you’re doing and carry you forward.

Beyond simply learning SQL and SQLite, I want to show you how to actually teach yourself a new technology skill. As a self-taught programmer and technical author, I know that it’s possible to pick up a new technology without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on classroom instruction. “Self Guided SQL” will follow the same path and strategies that I use when learning a new subject.

“Self-Guided SQL: Build Your SQL Skills with SQLite” is currently in production and will be released later in 2024. Until then, this page will feature previews and support materials for the upcoming release. Please be sure to bookmark this page and follow Comeau Software Solutions on Facebook for updates.

You can download a free sample of the upcoming book
from it’s page on LeanPub.com!

The sample files for this project are available for download from Github.

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SQLite official page – SQLite is a small but fast and fully-featured database engine. Because of it’s small footprint, minimal installation and wide use, it is an ideal learning tool for Structured Query Language (SQL) and database principles.

DB Browser for SQLite – A graphical design environment for SQLite databases. This software also takes up little space and provides a flexible environment for working with SQLite databases.

Self-Guided SQL on LeanPub – This title will be published on LeanPub as well as Amazon and other services. For now, you can learn more about the book and download a free sample on the LeanPub landing page.


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