Rogue C# – Start your own coding journey …

When you’re learning a new subject, there is no substitute for hands-on experience and this is especially true with programming. You can spend all the time you want reading about a programming language and seeing examples but until you get in there and figure something out for yourself, you’re not really learning anything.

This is something I’ve seen through decades of my own programming experience and when teaching others. There are plenty of language references out there and tutorials that provide short examples for you to work through but even those don’t provide a real feeling of accomplishment.

Rogue C# is a new course that I’m developing right here on This course will guide you through developing an entire role-playing game (RPG) from start to finish. Along the way, you’ll learn the C# language and how to use it. You’ll see how to create a new application, generate basic graphics, maintain the stats for your character, monsters and other items, make decisions based on probability and save the game to a file. At the end, you’ll have your own game to customize as you see fit and the skills to do it!

Of course, just typing in code and changing settings isn’t enough. There’s a lot more to programming than there was back in the day when aspiring programmers were typing pages of code from magazines to make a character run along the screen. Rogue C# will also demonstrate various concepts including the writing of software requirements and algorithms, object-oriented design, the use of programming structures and more.

If you’ve been wanting to learn computer programming but haven’t found a tutorial that meets your needs, come check out Rogue C#. All you need is to follow the course is a free download of Visual Studio Community Edition and your time. The course and the source code is entirely free to all visitors while it’s in development and your feedback is welcome as always.

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