Just had to step out for awhile …

There was a bit of an oversight while transferring the site to a new hosting service and the blog went away for awhile but it’s back now and hopefully I’ll be able to keep it up a little more than I did before.

As I said, Drewslair.com was transferred to a new hosting service during January.  The previous host, ICDSoft, is excellent and I recommend them highly having been with them for five years.  The only thing they didn’t have was support for ASP.Net which I wanted to start using with the site.  So I did a little research and switched to 3Essentials which has also provided excellent service so far.

Another benefit of the new service is that I’m able to maintain two websites instead of one on the account so I decided to use some new domains for the new version of the site which I converted out of Microsoft Frontpage and into Microsoft Visual Studio.  This new site has pages with the *.aspx extension so Drewslair.com is maintaining the old pages and, thus, the current Google links to all the current articles.  I’m not sure yet how the two sites will ultimately diverge.  I just know there will be a lot of writing involved.