Designing a Standing Desk Without Spending Lots of Money

I admit it, I spend way too much time sitting. My work is mostly at the computer so that’s where I am for hours every day and that’s not counting the time in front spent watching Hulu and streaming other stuff.

Much is being written now about the dangers of prolonged sitting from increased risks of diabetes and heart disease to back and leg problems. I’ve seen the effects on my own weight over the years. I’ve been wanting to get a standing desk for awhile now but they often run in the hundreds of dollars and I’m not spending that.

The first half of the solution came when I was teaching a couple years ago. I needed a platform that I could put my laptop on while I was lecturing and didn’t want to spend a lot of money (my own, of course). After a few minutes on Amazon, I found the Executive Office Solutions Portable Laptop Stand. This is a lightweight, aluminum stand with a vented tray for your laptop or keyboard. The legs each have three locking joints that allow for a variety of positions and height adjustments. Since the stand is portable, it can be used wherever you need it. It also has a side platform for your mouse.

After the teaching gig ended, I sold the one I had to another teacher. Now, a year later, I’ve realized how much I need a standing solution and decided to get another. Fortunately, the price has dropped about $10 so it’s even more affordable.

Once I had the keyboard raised up, I also needed to raise the monitors or I’d be looking at some serious neck strain. After another few minutes on Amazon, I found a two-pack of PC monitor stands from Husky Mounts. These are vented steel platforms that hold up to 44 pounds each and have adjustable legs to allow for different height adjustments. This raises up the monitors and allows for items to be stored underneath them.

All together, this came to just under $60 for a raised keyboard and two monitors which I thought was pretty reasonable, even if I ended up being lazy about using it. I’m in the habit of using standard utility tables for my computer workstations and the three stands fit perfectly on the one I’m using for my main computer.

Now I just need to get rid of the chair and force myself to use it.

Using any standing desk is a bit of an adjustment but I think it will be worth it. I’ve noticed that I spend way too much time just browsing Facebook and other time wasters and I’m hoping this will cut down on that a bit.

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