Learning PHP

One of the projects I started late last year was learning some non-Microsoft technologies, one being PHP; a scripting language that is used behind websites in order to provide more dynamic features than ordinary HTML is capable of.  PHP has been in use since  1995 and is one of the most widely available web technologies.  […]

March already?

I thought about taking the blog down when I realized how long it had been since I posted here but instead, I decided to say goodbye to Facebook for awhile and devote those misspent energies to something a little more productive. I started a new full-time job in January, which is another reason I’ve been […]

Sorting it all out …

I wrote awhile back about how I used Microsoft Outlook to keep track of things I’m working on and store reminders for project ideas that would be great to work on someday.  I’m still getting the hang of it but I’m a little closer.  The Outlook calendar is a great tool.  I hadn’t used it much […]

The Value of Choice

… It seems that more and more people in this society are unwilling to accept this responsibility or understand the concepts of free will and choice … The freedom to make the wrong choices is vital to a person’s actual ability to make the right ones. This is not as heretical as it may sound.

Almost there …

I’m managing to get my fingers to keep working despite the latest cold snaps and have finished the first draft of “Programming Microsoft Access”, the series on Visual Basic for Applications that I’ve been working on for the last couple weeks.  Now I’m going through the chapters and revising as needed.  It’s amazing what you […]

Living in Outlook

In my last post, I included the outline for the series on Access VBA that I’m writing.  Of course, an outline is just that – a rough summary of what the finished project should look like.  It can’t be carved in stone. So while I’m working on the chapters for decision loops, I realize that I don’t have […]

A few thoughts at 3 a.m.

I’m plowing my way through writing the next chapter of the Microsoft Access for Beginners series and have the insomnia to show for it.  This chapter, an introduction to Visual Basic for Applications, is one I’ve been wanting to do for awhile and should have done a long time ago but always found a way to […]