Ocala I.T. Professionals

The Ocala I.T. Professionals was started in February 2014 to provide a forum where anyone who works with technology, either professionally or as a hobby, can meet with others, discuss ideas and collaborate on projects and opportunities.

We’re an inclusive group, welcoming people from all areas of the technology field and all levels of experience. This includes web designers, hardware and software support, programmers, network administrators and more. We welcome people at all levels of experience including those who are trying to work their way into the field and need some guidance. The Ocala I.T. Professionals is for people who enjoy working with technology and want to meet others who do as well.

Like many other organizations, the Ocala I.T. Professionals saw a lot of changes starting in 2020 as in-person meetings were no longer advisable and online meetings proved to be unsatisfying. For this reason, we started a free Slack workspace to enable our members to continue collaborating and sharing ideas. This will continue to be our primary networking space.

If you would like to join our Slack workspace, please send a request through the form below and you will receive an invitation with a link through which you can sign up.

Hope to see you there!