Looking for the Ocala I.T. Professionals?

Like many other organizations, the Ocala I.T. Pros saw a lot of changes starting in 2020 as in-person meetings were no longer advisable and online meetings proved to be unsatisfying. For this reason, we started a free Slack workspace to enable our members to continue collaborating and sharing ideas 24/7. This became our primary networking space but it was never quite the same.

Now, Nathan Gauger of Blue Heron CPAs is picking up the torch and going forward with his own group, Data and Developers. I’ve had the pleasure of attending since the first meeting and I’m glad to call this group the successor to the Ocala I.T. Pros, building on our experience, learning from our mistakes and providing more opportunities for local tech experts to learn and fellowship.

If you are part of the tech community in Ocala or the surrounding areas, I hope you’ll join us on Monday nights from 5 – 7. If you can’t make it exactly at 5, that’s okay. The first half hour or so will be general discussion and we’ll allow some time for everyone to arrive before starting any presentations.

Hope to see you there!