MySQL Explained

Find Out Where Your Data is Going!

Oracle’s MySQL is the #1 database solution for websites and other online applications. Whenever you enter data into a web page, chances are it’s being stored in a MySQL database. This open source software is used to power website management systems including WordPress, Joomla  and Drupal. If you’re doing any serious web design work, you’ve probably encountered MySQL through web hosting accounts and on local servers. If you want to get serious about web development or database design, either as a developer or a manager, it’s essential to understand how the data is stored and managed. That’s why you should check out …

MySQL Explained

Your Step-by-Step Guide to MySQL Database Design

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MySQL Explained is a clear, step-by-step presentation of MySQL, from installation on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X, through the design of everyday database applications.

MySQL Explained is the book you’re looking for if …

  • You’re new to MySQL or database design in general and need to learn the tools. Basic knowledge of database design can make you the one person in the office who can tackle that important project.
  • You work with database designers regularly and need to do it more effectively. Even if you never design a database yourself, knowing the principles involved will save you a lot of misunderstandings when asking for new reports or system enhancements.
  • You work with large amounts of information on a regular basis and would like to know how to organize and understand it better. Whether you’re an accounting professional trying to make sense of expense data or an administrative assistant putting together a database for inventory information, an understanding of how databases work will enable you to produce better results and save you work in the long-term.
  • Finally, you’re an I.T. professional, maybe even a programmer or software developer, who is still not sure of the details of database design or MySQL. Maybe you’re just coming back to it after years of doing other work and need a refresher course. Having a reference by your side can be very helpful when working on your latest project.

MySQL Explained from Andrew Comeau and OS Training
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Reviewed and updated in March 2016 with instructions for OS X El Capitan!

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MySQL Explained

Andrew Comeau / OS Training

Updated March 2016

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