Switching between Access 2010 windows

A visitor to the site asked about using ALT-TAB to switch between open Access windows.  This refers to the “Windows in Taskbar” feature which was available in Access prior to Access 2007.  You could set Access to display a button for every open Access window on the Windows Task Bar and use the standard ALT-TAB to switch between them.  I usually disabled it because I didn’t like all of those taskbar buttons for the same program.

This feature is no longer present in Access 2007 / 2010, although it’s still available for Word and Excel.  One option that is still available is the Ctrl-F6 key combination.  Using Ctrl-F6 or Shift-Ctrl-F6 (for reverse order) you can switch between all open windows in your Access program, including forms, open tables and the database widow.


Of  course, I usually design Access applications to keep only a couple windows open at a time and my forms have links or buttons that take the user back to the appropriate menu or screen.  During design time, though, or when you’re creating a quick and dirty app for analysis, this can come in handy.

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