Customizing Reports in Microsoft Access

In my latest video, I go into more detail about Microsoft Access report settings. This video is also an addition to my tutorial series, Managing Your Data with Microsoft Access which is now free on YouTube.

Microsoft Access has always been known for having a great report designer with which you can put together professional custom reports based on your data. You can have multiple levels of grouping and sorts to present the data the way you need to and it has the same rich selection of controls that you find in the form designer to accommodate many types of data. Access reports are also programmable with macros and VBA so you can include custom functionality based on various events.

In this video, I’m focusing on the sorting and grouping features of the report designer with which you can drill down through various categories of information and show totals based on groupings. This is especially important when working with complex sets of data. The video uses the Overdue Items report from the Collier Library demo database which can be downloaded through the course downloads section.

Managing Your Data with Microsoft Access includes over five hours of video content intended for both beginners and intermediate users. This course will help you get started with Access, organize your data into tables and then design forms and reports to quickly enter and display it as needed. It also covers more advanced and specialized topics such as creating switchboard menus, using a Dymo label printer with Access and basic VBA programming.

If you’re just starting out with Access as many people are or if you want to learn about some of the finer points, this series breaks down the complexities of the software into short videos that will help you master the tools in Microsoft Access and get control of your data.

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