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Helping Users Work With Subforms in Microsoft Access

Creating an Access application for other people means anticipating how the users are going to interact with your program. Without clear direction from the program or you, users can be easily confused by even simple things like the order in which data is to be entered.

One of the basic tools in Access is the subform which allows for the input of records related to a master record. A classic example is a database which stores customer orders and where each order might have multiple items (i.e. order lines) associated with it.

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MySQL Explained – Revised and Updated

MySQL Explained - Cover image

MySQL Explained – Available on and

My big project for March was a complete review of MySQL Explained, a book that I published last year on the popular open source database software used to power content management systems such as WordPress and Joomla along with other web applications. MySQL is a fixture in web hosting accounts and on internet database servers so, if you’ve done any serious work with web development, you’ve probably encountered it at least once.

Aside from it popularity as a back-end for web applications, MySQL’s open source model and its ease of installation in a variety of environments make it a great tool for learning about database concepts. It can be installed simply in a local directory, as a service within the operating system or as part of an AMP stack for the local development of web applications. It also has a variety of interfaces from the fully-graphical MySQL Workbench to the command line interface for those who prefer the direct control that it can give.

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Job Opportunity – Systems Administrator

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CareerSource Citrus / Levy / Marion is looking for a Systems Administrator to provide support for their offices in Citrus, Levy and Marion Counties. The job description below was provided by the agency. If you or someone you know is qualified for this position and interested in applying, please apply through, referencing job order # 11078489. (Veterans Preference)

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More New Music … at a bargain!

If you like classical music, 99 Must-Have Chillout Classics
is a really good collection for only $1.99. It’s over 7 HOURS of music from a variety of composers.  Also, if you go to and type “99 must have” or “50 must have” or something similar into the search box, you can find a variety of MP3 collections like this one, often for only a couple of dollars. It’s a good, inexpensive way to learn about some of the classics.

I downloaded this album about a month ago and I’m finding it to be great background music as I work at my computer. Since it’s a variety of artists and plays, there’s a good variety there but it’s not distracting like radio can be.  Best of all – 7 hours and no commercials!

New Article: Data Analysis with Microsoft Access

Most of the articles I’ve written on Microsoft Access have been about designing database applications that are meant for regular use.  One of the strengths of Access, however, is its ability to import and link to data from different sources.  Excel does this too but with Access you can go on to query and report on the data in ways that Excel doesn’t readily provide.  This can come in handy as part of an application but it’s also useful for quick analysis of new information.  I found a new example of this the other day when I was looking over the website statistics for …

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