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Five WordPress Plugins That Will Enhance Your Website

WordPress is the most popular Content Management System, powering approximately a third of the world’s websites in September 2019 according to One of its advantages is the ability to quickly add almost any necessary features through the installation of plugins. The WordPress marketplace includes over 50,000 plugins, many of which are free to download […]

Managing Your Organization’s Contacts with CiviCRM

Whether you’re selling products, managing a non-profit or running a political campaign, one of the most important things you do is to manage relationships with other people. Your ability to maintain your organization’s contact database, whether it contains potential customers or donors, is essential to your operations. Many organizations use various types of Contact Relationship […]

Creating Virtual Machines with Oracle VM VirtualBox

What is Virtualization? Several years ago, I wrote an article for this site about Microsoft Virtual PC, Microsoft’s implementation of virtualization technology for the Windows desktop. Virtualization software enables a computer to act as a host, running multiple computer sessions with different operating systems for the purpose of testing software, isolating specific programs from the rest of […]