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    Learning a New (Human) Language in 2020

    April’s lockdown gave a lot of us some extra time to play with and some people took it as an opportunity to learn new skills or start side projects. At the same time, I found myself working on a new project with people who barely spoke English, if at all. Online translators like Google Trainslate and DeepL.com have come a long way since the last time I wrote about language acquisition but I still don’t like to depend on them blindly so my learning project was to finally study the Spanish language after over 30 years living in Florida.

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    My Virtual Vacation and Free Stuff

    Summer vacation has mercifully arrived for me and my students.  Unlike many teachers, I’m at the school through most of the Summer.  My students get three weeks off – I get one week followed by a couple weeks of what will essentially be teacher workdays.  Judging from the sympathetic looks I was getting from other staff members and the sudden, dramatic drop-off in attendance of my classes, I’m thinking the break didn’t come a moment too soon.

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    A Couple of Notes on Cloud Computing

    Years ago, when I was making do with the limited computer equipment that I could afford, I never dreamed that I would one day be able to login to a website, plug in a few specs about the machine I wanted and then, a few minutes later, log into that machine remotely and run whatever programs I needed to. Yet, that’s exactly what today’s cloud computing resources enable me to do.

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    A Return to Programming

    I’ve been working on a number of different projects lately, from I.T. networking to a book on MySQL, so I haven’t had as much reason to break out the programming tools as I used to. If not used regularly, programming skills can get a little rusty or even disappear like old friends from your college days that you lost contact with. So, I’ve decided to delve back into the subject and update my status as a .NET programmer. The first step is a quick review of the C# language.  One resource that I can recommend for this is The C# Programming Yellow Book by Rob Miles. It’s just $0.99 for the…

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    ASP.NET for Beginners

    If you’ve been wanting to learn how to design websites with ASP.NET, here’s your chance! Check out my latest three-part series on OcalaITPros.com where I explain the basics of Microsoft’s ASP.NET framework and how it’s used to create dynamic websites. This series will guide you through creating and publishing a sample application completely from scratch. The series is based on my speaking notes from a recent meeting of the Ocala I.T. Professionals. Part I – What is ASP.NET? Learn about the difference between static and dynamic websites and how ASP.NET is used to serve dynamic content. Part II – Getting Started with Visual Studio and ASP.NET Installing Visual Studio 2013 Community…

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    Learning a New Language Online

    Learning a new language has always been a challenging task whether you’re satisfying a class requirement in school, moving to a new country or adding a new language for work or recreation. The fact is that we take years to become proficient with our first languages from the time we’re learning to recognize language as infants through the time when we’re able to string sentences together as we reach school age. The expectations are much higher with a second or third language as most people would not want to take three or four years to be able to speak basic sentences and longer to communicate effectively in writing.

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    Ocala I.T. Professionals – Come Join Us!

    The Ocala I.T. Professionals is a new I.T. networking group in Ocala, Florida. It’s purpose is to provide a forum for people from all areas of I.T. and all levels of experience to come together, discuss the latest technologies and work together on projects and new opportunities. We’re currently using Meetup.com to organize the group and enable people to sign up and stay informed on the latest meetings. The meetings are being held every two weeks in various locations and the intention is to alternate between presentations on various technology subjects and casual social gatherings where the members can relax, get to know each other and talk shop over food…

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    ‘Your First Guide to Database Design’ – Now available in Adobe PDF!

    My latest book is now available on Scribd.com in Adobe PDF format. That means that even if you don’t have a Kindle or a Nook, you can STILL learn how to organize any kind of information and create your own database applications. In a world so completely dependent on the flow of information, this is a valuable career skill and a valuable perspective on how your own information is managed by others. Your First Guide to Database Design is written to present the concepts involved in database design in a clear and logical manner using everyday examples and is available for only $9.99, far less than the average technology guide.…

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    Finally Published!

    It’s finally here!  Your First Guide to Database Design is now available on Amazon.com and BarnesAndNoble.com.  Another PDF version will soon be available for purchase on Scribd.com. Your First Guide to Database Design is a clear, easy-to-use guide to relational database design for both beginners and I.T. professionals who need to know how to organize and store any amount of information on any subject. Whether you’re using SQL Server, MySQL or another database software, this book will show you how to model the data, create a system of tables and use Structured Query Language (SQL) to read and write to your new database. Your First Guide to Database Design uses multiple examples including the Job Search Plus…