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On Success …

This is my latest Ice Breaker speech that I delivered to the Early Bird Ocala Toastmasters group on November 3, 2018.  Toastmasters is a great way to develop your public speaking and leadership skills and there’s probably at least one group in your local area.  Check out for more information on the club and […]

Software Development is More Than Writing Code

Part of the Getting Started in Software Development series. Reviewed – July 2023 Ask a lot of people about the requirements to be a computer programmer or software developer and they’ll probably start talking about computer science degrees and years of formal training. Those things don’t hurt but they’re not strictly necessary, either. I personally do […]

On unpaid overtime …

From …. Why I Don’t Do Unpaid Overtime and Neither Should You From the article … “In many countries working overtime is unusual and unpaid overtime is rare or may even be illegal. People value having a life outside of work and the thought of slaving away for their employer for nothing is unimaginably […]