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Comeau Software Solutions can help you find the right database and technology solutions for your business needs.

Your information technology needs are specific to your business. Software and equipment upgrades don’t pay for themselves unless they work to address those needs.

You know how your business works but you need someone who can understand your business and help navigate the maze of I.T. solutions out there.

Located in Ocala, Florida with over 20 years of local experience in business and technology, Comeau Software Solutions can recommend the right solutions for your business. 

As an independent company, we are not tied to a specific vendor so we can recommend the product that meets your needs, whether it’s rescuing your data from a Microsoft Access database, a new website or custom programming. Our priority is to deliver a solution that serves your business needs.

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Andrew Comeau, Owner
Comeau Software Solutions

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About Andrew Comeau

In addition to direct consulting work, I am the author of MySQL Explained, a beginner’s guide to database design with MySQL, and other books on database technology. I have previously taught programming and software development at the college level and am Microsoft certified in database fundamentals and software development.

In addition to promoting my services, I use to continue sharing my knowledge on programming, databases and general software concepts with a wide audience.

For more about my experience, view my LinkedIn profile.