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Comeau Software Solutions can help you find the right database and technology solutions for your business needs.

Software is a tool like any other and you need the right tools to get the job done. Comeau Software Solutions can research and recommend the technologies that will work reliably for you over the long-term, including database and software products to reduce workload and increase productivity for your employees.

Whether it’s rescuing a Microsoft Access or Excel project, creating a new website or providing custom programming, my first priority is finding the solution that works for you. I am not affiliated with any specific software company so I’m able to evaluate a wide range of existing products to best meet your needs.

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Andrew Comeau
Comeau Software Solutions
Ocala, Florida

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About Andrew Comeau

In addition to technology consulting, I am the author of MySQL Explained, a beginner’s guide to database design with MySQL, and other books on database technology. I previously taught programming and software development at the college level and am Microsoft certified in database fundamentals and software development.

I use to continue sharing my knowledge on programming, databases and general software concepts with a wide audience.

For more about my experience, view my LinkedIn profile.