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Sharing knowledge has always been the purpose of this site and now, Comeau Software Solutions has its own collection of online courses through!

Early in 2020, I started designing some video-based courses and posting them on YouTube and Now you can find all current and future courses through my new online school on

Teachable schools are great tools for online instruction. As a Learning Management System, Teachable hosts the content and provides a user-friendly environment that you as the student can easily navigate. You can learn at your own pace and provide feedback to me as the instructor. For paid courses, it also provides a safe and reliable checkout system that you can trust.

In these challenging times, it’s more important than ever to add new skills to be competitive and work more effectively. Comeau Software Solutions provides quality content to help you do just that and now you can find it in one place at

There are already three courses online and more to come!

Managing Your Data with Microsoft Access demonstrates from start to finish how to organize your data and build an application that will enable you to manage it as needed. This course will show you the clear and logical steps involved in modeling your data, designing tables around it and then creating forms and reports based on it.

Microsoft Access: The Nickel Tour is a shorter, free course that provides a basic overview for those completely new to Access. With the Job Search Plus application that I designed as a demo, you’ll be able to see the different features of Access including the design features, user entry forms and reports.

Creating Custom User Controls in C#: If you’re programming in C#, you can create custom controls that will broadcast events the rest of your code can listen for and respond to. This short, free course shows all the steps and the code needed to make this work.