Site Changes

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Looking over my web presence earlier this year, I decided to do some consolidation. I had three sites –, which has been in operation for 15 years, my business site,, which hasn’t changed much for quite awhile and the site for my networking group,, which needs a lot more attention and content.

Comeau Software Solutions is my consulting business which, in one way or another, is meant to encompass any technology-related business that I do from my work with clients to my various writing projects to some future projects I have ideas for.  I decided it was time to let it take its proper place and that means merging and into one site.

I’ll be keeping the domain for at least another year to maintain the many links that have been made to it over the years.  One of the things I like about modern web hosting is how domains and sites can be moved around pretty quickly with just a few changes in settings.

I’m thinking about some changes to the look and feel of the site but all the content will remain and I hope to provide a lot more great articles and posts in the coming year.