A Return to Programming

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I’ve been working on a number of different projects lately, from I.T. networking to a book on MySQL, so I haven’t had as much reason to break out the programming tools as I used to. If not used regularly, programming skills can get a little rusty or even disappear like old friends from your college days that you lost contact with.

So, I’ve decided to delve back into the subject and update my status as a .NET programmer. The first step is a quick review of the C# language.  One resource that I can recommend for this is The C# Programming Yellow Book by Rob Miles. It’s just $0.99 for the Kindle version on Amazon.com and you can even get a free PDF version from the author’s website.

The book is actually written for the absolute beginner with the first chapter covering an introduction to computers themselves and then the basic concepts of programming. The book quickly moves past this point into the C# language. Rob Miles’s style is easy, light and accessible to the average reader.

Of course, C# is not the only language out there and it’s best for any programmer to have as much in his or her toolbox as possible. Still C# is good language to work with that has lots of support and a syntax similar to other popular languages like JavaScript. So if you’re just starting out, it’s a good one to learn.

I also believe that the key to continuous learning is the continuous use of skills as part of new projects and I’ve decided to do a bit more posting here on Drewslair.com so I’ll be posting short examples of how to do various things in C# and other languages. I’ll be offering some insights on my thought process as a programmer that I’ve developed over the years and how I personally like to reason through challenges. Hopefully you’ll find this of use whether you’re new to programming or, like me, are looking to dust off some of the equipment and get back into the game.