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My big project for March was a complete review of MySQL Explained, a book that I published last year on the popular open source database software used to power content management systems such as WordPress and Joomla along with other web applications. MySQL is a fixture in web hosting accounts and on internet database servers so, if you’ve done any serious work with web development, you’ve probably encountered it at least once.

Aside from it popularity as a back-end for web applications, MySQL’s open source model and its ease of installation in a variety of environments make it a great tool for learning about database concepts. It can be installed simply in a local directory, as a service within the operating system or as part of an AMP stack for the local development of web applications. It also has a variety of interfaces from the fully-graphical MySQL Workbench to the command line interface for those who prefer the direct control that it can give.

My update to MySQL Explained includes the addition of instructions for creating a MAMP environment (Mac, Apache, MySQL, PHP) on Mac OS X El Capitan. I wasn’t able to include instructions for the Mac during the first publishing of the book but, in response to reader feedback, I went ahead and worked out the access to a Mac system and was able to verify the steps required.

MySQL Explained is written for people with no database experience whatsoever but has enough detail for people at all levels. Whether you’re just starting out with database and website design or whether you need a refresher on some of the principles or want to get familiar with MySQL after using another database software, this book can help you get the start you need. In addition to the introduction to database concepts and technology, the book uses multiple everyday examples to demonstrate the organization of data within a relational database and the design of the database and tables themselves.

MySQL Explained is available from both, in Kindle and paperback format, and in multiple electronic formats.

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