New Music I found on NPR – Big Harp

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I like listening to the NPR Weekend Edition shows. They’re a good mix of news and arts and I often end up being exposed to things I usually wouldn’t hear about.  One of the quirks of the shows is that I can often spot the final segment even without looking at the clock because they’ll be devoting it to a struggling artist or music group I’ve never heard of and I can tell by the tone of the interview that the artist is really new.

This morning’s segment was a group called Big Harp, a husband and wife team traveling the country with their toddlers and trying to make a go of the music scene on the Saddle Creek Records independent label.  Their laid-back mix of Folk, Rock and Blues is not usually my first choice but something about their story grabbed my attention and I decided to check out their record. I just listened to it during my workout and actually liked it.  Despite its mostly laid back sound, it also has a certain intensity to the lyrics and a polished sound that made me think of music that would go well in the soundtrack to a movie.

So if you’re looking for new music, especially from an independent artist, this one’s worth checking out.  You can also read and listen to the NPR interview and watch one of their videos at this link.