New Article: Surviving the Programming Interview

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While preparing for a recent interview with a local company, I was going through my list of questions to ask the interviewer and suddenly realized it would make a good article for the site:

Surviving the Programming Interview: Responding to “Do you have any questions for us?”

Although this is primarily written for programmers and software developers, if you’re looking for a job in another field at this point, there’s some good advice here about the importance of asking good questions on a job interview.  From the article …

” … the questions that you ask tell the interviewer a lot about you as a potential employee, especially your level of interest in working for the company rather than just collecting a paycheck. When a potential employee has no questions about the company at the end of the interview, he or she can appear lazy or apathetic which are never desirable traits in an employee …

“When asking questions, it’s important to treat it like a conversation, not a checklist of items to be ticked off. Pay close attention to the interviewer’s answers so you can follow up on things they say with additional questions that you might not have thought of beforehand. After all, the purpose of asking these questions is mainly to learn about the company and what you’ll be facing if you actually work there. You might even find out that you don’t really want to!”