Latest developments …

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So I was playing around with the blog’s theme after recommending WordPress to someone and thought “Gee, it would be nice if I actually wrote something here.  It’s only been since April.”. So here are a few notes on my latest projects …

A couple months ago, I started a new site at dedicated to programming articles, this time .NET, SQL and other subjects a bit more advanced than Microsoft Access. will continue to operate and will probably see some changes while I think of some more things to write about there.

Seriously, though, check out the new  In addition to the usual quality articles and slew of information that I like to share, the site is a full ASP.NET website programmed from scratch by tours truly. There are some neat features such as the search page where you can search the site’s content by title and keyword and articles describing how the site was put together. When appropriate, I’ll be including interactive demonstrations  with the articles for you to play with.  For an example of this, check out the article “Looking for Square Pegs” in which I write about devising algorithms to solve coding challenges. This article includes an interactive section at the bottom where you can see the code in action.

Also available on is Job Search Plus, a re-release of JobSearch 2010, a job search organization and contact management tool which enables the job seeker to organize all necessary information on any job lead and more effectively follow up on opportunities. If you’re in the market for a new job, this tool can help you run a more efficient search and find employment faster. Best of all – it’s completely FREE!  No ads, no spam in your inbox, just a piece of free, quality software from

That’s what’s been happening lately and there’s more to come. As always, I welcome questions and comments about anything you see here so don’t hesitate to contact me if you’d like to know more.