Understanding SQL

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I’m trying to add some new articles to the site and finish out the Microsoft Access for Beginners series while gradually writing about more advanced topics. Microsoft Access is fun but it takes more than Access to make a programmer.

One good example is Structured Query Language (SQL), the scripting language that Access and other databases use to read and manipulate data from the database. It’s easy to rely on the Query Builder interface in Access and equivalent interfaces in other database systems to do the work but until you learn how to read and write SQL on your own, you won’t truly understand how databases work. Besides, it’s pretty much expected if you want to get any kind of a real job working with databases and it really isn’t that hard.

I’ve written two short articles on SQL Basics and Modifying Data with SQL that should give you a good start in understanding this simple English-like language. I’ve also included links to more information on Microsoft Office Online and other places.

As always, comments are welcome.