Almost there …

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I’m managing to get my fingers to keep working despite the latest cold snaps and have finished the first draft of “Programming Microsoft Access”, the series on Visual Basic for Applications that I’ve been working on for the last couple weeks.  Now I’m going through the chapters and revising as needed.  It’s amazing what you find when you step back and look at the material from an editorial standpoint rather than the writer.  So far, I’ve changed some examples, switched around a couple of chapters and found some typos and errors that would not have looked good on the site.  Basically, I’m trying to take my own advice from the chapter on algorithms:

“Throw everything you can at your code and try every way you can imagine to break it.  I know it’s tedious and it looks like it works so why tempt fate, right?  Trust me; finding a bug in your code and fixing it before it goes to the customer can feel a bit like having someone shoot at you and miss but it’s better than what you feel when the customer finds the bug.”