Documentation and Electronic Publishing

Kindle? Nook? PDF? Softcover? The publishing field is continually changing with new and old technologies competing for attention. There are many more opportunities for new authors to see their names on the cover of a published work.

Image of assorted e-readers.These advancements also mean more responsibility for the independent author who wants to be noticed by the public. Consumers still expect a quality product and professionalism will always count when the reader decides on the credibility of an author.

Whatever you want to publish, whether it’s your own book, a blog or even your resume, Comeau Software Solutions can advise you on the technical and promotional issues involved in getting your work noticed, including …

  • Proofreading and copy editing
  • Document formats and options
  • Publishing sites and requirements
  • Promotion of your finished work

With experience in online content, technical writing, documentation and online publishing, we can guide you through the technical and practical details of putting your message in front of an audience. Your message is important to you. Let us help you get it out there right the first time!

For more information on how Comeau Software Solutions can help you publish your work online, contact us here or call (352) 572-2997.