Database Rescue and Migration

Desktop database programs like Microsoft Access are powerful tools for creating quick database solutions where needed, often at a fraction of the cost of packaged software. Unfortunately, when the company expert moves on to another job, that person leaves behind a large amount of company data that still needs to be supported, often without much documentation.


MySQL Explained by Andrew Comeau is a guide to database design with the popular free and open source database software.

Comeau Software Solutions brings many years of experience in the design and support of new and existing database applications. These have included small, stop-gap solutions as well as large multi-user systems for fields including manufacturing, healthcare and contact relationship management. We can advise you on what projects will continue to benefit from your current software and when it’s better to move to other, more sophisticated database packages.

Sometimes, there are commercial or even free software packages such as CiviCRM that might do a great job of replacing that old custom database. When you’re ready to switch to another system, we can help you to safely move your valuable data over. Whether you’re trying to keep your data local or you’re interested in cloud storage and remote access, we will recommend the right solution and protect your data as if it was our own.

When you need a new data solution for your project or if you’re trying to get an existing database project back on track, Comeau Software Solutions can help you get it going in the right direction. For more information on how we can help, contact us here or call (352) 572-2997.