Microsoft Access for Beginners

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Microsoft Access for Beginners

Microsoft Access for Beginners is an introduction to both Microsoft Access and Visual Basic for Applications for people who have never used it before and might be unfamiliar with database software in general. It introduces the reader to the basic concepts of a relational database system as well as some of the things that are possible with Microsoft Access. This book explains the concepts and provides a good foundation on which to continue learning and creating applications with Microsoft’s premier desktop database software. More than a simple step by step tutorial, Microsoft Access for Beginners demonstrates how to use Access well.

This book is based on the original online series previously featured on and has been thoroughly reviewed and updated for the through Microsoft Access 2010. The second edition adds an introduction to Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), the programming language included in Microsoft Access which enables the user to create sophisticated applications that can be virtually indistinguishable from pre-packaged applications costing hundreds of dollars. The book is filled with examples from JobSearch 2010, an example application designed to demonstrate what is possible with Microsoft Access.

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This eBook edition includes all of the chapters previously seen here on along with supplemental articles and two entirely new chapters. All material has been thoroughly reviewed and updated with a brand new sample application available as a free download. A special edition of the JobSearch 2010 application has been designed specifically for use with this new edition of the series. The design mode in this example database is completely open and available for you to browse and experiment with as you read through the updated tutorials.

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Check out the Table of Contents …

Chapter Subject
Using the Sample Database Intro to JobSearch 2010
Interface Guide Differences between Microsoft Access versions
Chapter I – Creating the Database Getting started with a new Access application
Chapter II – Organizing the Data Understanding Data Normalization
Chapter III – Building the Tables Setting field and table properties
Chapter IV – Writing the Queries Using Access queries to read and manipulate data
Chapter V – Understanding SQL An introduction to Structured Query Language
Chapter VI – Designing the Forms Using Access forms to build an effective user interface
Chapter VII – Generating the Reports Presenting data to users with the Access reporting system
Chapter VIII – Automating the Interface with Macros Creating macros to automate tasks in your application
Chapter IX – Introducting Visual Basic for Applications Using VBA to create interactive Microsoft Access applications
Appendix I – “Where do I go from here?” Moving beyond Microsoft Access into an I.T. career
Appendix II – Using Lookup Fields Using the lookup functions in Access to supply the necessary values
Appendix III – Glossary An explanation of terms used in Microsoft Access for Beginners


Originally published in 2011 and revised in January 2013, the Second Edition contains over 250 printed pages of material on all the subjects that you see here with screenshots and references to the sample application to help clarify the concepts presented.