How Healthy is Your Website?

If you’re managing one or more websites, Nibbler is a great website for testing their performance. The free version tests 5 pages from your site and rates them based on a variety of factors including mobile accessibility, server performance, code quality, social media integration and more. These are all factors that can affect your website’s popularity, value and ROI.

  • Social media and incoming links – Everything on the web is connected for a reason and websites aren’t worth much if nobody is seeing them. The number of incoming links and the amount of cross-promotion with Facebook pages and Twitter feeds determines how many people actually visit your site and hear your message.
  • The mobile and printability scores determine how people using different browsers, devices and media will be able to access your website. It’s not all about desktop and laptop browsers anymore. As technology evolves, your site needs to evolve with it so people can find your message on a range of devices.
  • Page titles, headings and meta tags all affect how Google and other search engines index your site. The best use you make of these elements, the more exposure you get.
  • The amount and relevance of your content is vital. It’s not enough to put up a website and forget about it. Every bit of fresh content gets you more exposure on the web and draws more visitors.

Take a moment to visit Nibbler and run a report on your website. If you’re not satisfied with the results or have questions about the tests, please contact us to find out how Comeau Software Solutions can help improve your website’s performance.